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DJ Party Games and Props

Here's an example of the types of games and props we offer. They are excellent ice-breakers and allow your guests to become more involved at your parties.

The Balloon Body Suits

The Balloon Body Suits
Your DJ will select people out of the crowd to put on their full body "balloon suits." Each person will choose 4 other people to be on their team. Two people will blow up balloons and the other two will stuff the balloons in the balloon suit. The person with the most balloons in their suit wins.  This is a great game and gets everyone involved!

Walla Balla's

Walla Balla's

Party Glow Sticks

Party Glow Sticks
Get all your party themes, party favors, glow sticks, mouth glow sticks, balloons, glow candles, and much, much more. We have everything you need to have a great party on any occasion, whether it's for the New Year or for your next birthday party, we have a party theme for you.

Columbus Platinum Party DJs Party Games

Everything you need to have a great party:

THE HULA HOOP was an instant success since its introduction, and now they make great 1950's, 60's, and 70's nostalgia. Music adds even more fun when you’re swinging to the beat of your favorite song!  Hula Hoops are a world renowned cultural icon. We now offer Hoops for your party.

FINAL (for adults only)
Divide up into 2 teams: one team consists of gentlemen, another consists of ladies. At the signal the players of each team begin to take off their clothes (any items they like). The players put their clothes in one line. Each team has a line of its own. The team which has the longest line is the winner.

THE MOST FAVORITE (for adults only)
The player who manages in a fixed time to get as many kisses as possible is "the most favorite." The kisses are counted by the signs of lipsticks left on the players.

DUMMIES (while dancing)
It's a variant of the well-known children’s game "Day-Night," but for grownups. As the music suddenly stops the people who are dancing stand still in the pose they are in. The person who cannot keep his/her balance must pay a forfeit (fulfill the leader's task).

SUMO STRUGGLE (for adults only)
The players divide into pairs. They hold the balloons between their stomachs. The task of each pair is to burst the balloon between the stomachs.

LET A BALLOON BURST (for adults only)
Each gentleman sits with the balloon between his knees. The ladies have to sit themselves on the knees of their partners so that the balloon will burst.

TIPPLER (for adults only)
The object of the game is to fill the glasses with the help of the teaspoon. The player who manages to do it the fastest has an opportunity to propose a toast and drink the contents of the glass.

THE SADDEST (joking)
The object of the players is to keep from laughing. The players get into a circle facing each other. One of the players says: "Ha!" The following player says "Ha-ha!" the third continues "Ha-ha-ha!" and so on. If someone pronounces the wrong number of "has" or laughs, he/she is out. The players who are out of the game try to make all the rest of the players (those who are still in the game) laugh. The player who laughs the last is the winner.

The Key Trick (joking)
 Brides, don’t tell your fiance you’re doing this game. Before the wedding day, mail out about 20-30 keys to guests that will be coming to your reception. After the Best Man gives his toast, the Maid/Matron of Honor stands up and asks all the ladies in the room to bring up any keys they might have to the Groom’s old apartment (even better when a couple of guys turn in keys, too).

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