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Party Options We Offer to Help Make Your Event Extraordinary!

Accent-Ambient LED Lighting

Up Lighting
Take any ordinary room or hall and make it Extra-Ordinary by having your venue up-lit by a skilled lighting technician.  Use static lighting to accent walls, trees, entrances, patios, gazebos, tents, or cabanas... You can even have your names or logo projected on a wall!!

Wash lights can be shown anywhere, but it is becoming increasingly popular to accent walls, pillars, and other structural aspects of a location.

Up-lighting is very much what the name depicts. Lights are placed on the ground and directed upwards to the ceiling, splashing the desired color onto the walls and dissipating over the ceiling. The splash of color on the ceiling is equally important as the light you see on the wall or column.

If used correctly, LED wash lights can turn a room into a very unique and vibrant setting for a wedding reception. Wash lights can be used to provide subtle eye candy for your guests or to transform the entire feeling of your reception.

You may be surprised and discover that for a small fee, you can create a very big “WOW!”

Name in Lights Custom Gobo’s

Name in Lights Custom Gobo’s
1-Stock Steel: Stars, Wedding bells, Hearts, etc.
Custom wedding gobos can be names, monograms, initials, images or any text or pattern.  2-3 day production, plus shipping time.

A "gobo" is short for "go between," as in a pattern that goes between the lamp and lens of a high powered light projector. These specialized lights have a focus knob that allows the image to be sharp and clear, even when projected over a long distance. Gobos can be projected on walls, ceilings or even dance floors.

Gobos give a personal touch enhancing the room's atmosphere, yet they don't have to cost a lot. Watch your guest's delight as they enter the room. Custom gobos are a growing trend in weddings right now, but can be used for pretty much any type of event.

Dancing On A Cloud

Now with the new "Dancing On A Cloud"  Low Lying fog effect your special dance will come out spectacular.  The effect is absolutely beautiful and the photos you'll have of your first dance on a cloud will be for a lifetime.


Karaoke machine, two microphones and monitor.

Party Games and Props

Party Games and Props
1- Walla Balla’s, Balloon Suits, and Hula Hoops
2- 50 Large 11.5” Color Glow Stick Bracelets/Anklets

3- 50 22" Economy Solid or Tri-Color Glow Necklaces
*** For more information see our Party Games Page

DJ Screen With Static or Live Projection

DJ Screen With Static or Live Projection
Video projection packages are ideal for Weddings, Parties, Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties etc...We offer video projection big screens, video projectors for wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, corporate events, super bowl parties, and video dance parties.

Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons
Hand held Confetti Cannons use compressed nitrogen for their launching power. Just twist the tube lightly to spurt the confetti inside 26 to 65 feet into the sky with a brilliant eruption of colors and watch it float down slowly, creating a festive atmosphere which will help the celebration reach its climax. The product uses no explosives and emits no noxious gas. The confetti is made of ordinary metallic, flameproof tissue paper, which is BIODEGRADEABLE, COLORFAST and environmentally safe.

Price ranges from $15-$50 a cannon depending on the size you order. Please select the size and quantity of confetti cannon. Your DJ will ask a few people in the party to help in firing the cannons as you enter the room for a spectacular entrance.

Bubble Machine

The professional grade bubble machine will blow and lift bubbles high into the air. This advanced fan system produces a massive amount of bubbles per minute. The Bubble Blast is superb for stage productions, nightclubs and mobile applications.

Fog Machine

Include the Dyno-Fog machine if you want to make your event light show even more amazing! The fog machine will turn the light show and dance floor into a club-like atmosphere. Your guest will love the light effects that the fog machine can bring to life.


Wedding videography can be one of the most overlooked yet powerful and enduring ways to preserve memories from your special day, and a digital video on DVD or Blu-ray become a precious family keepsake.  Of course photographs are important, but imagine the excitement hundreds of years from now when your offspring have the opportunity to see their ancestors in action on one of the most important days in their lives!  Photos are great, but they alone cannot convey the strong emotions of motion, words, and sounds.    

It is also a wonderful way to share memories with out-of-town relatives who could not attend your wedding. You may also be surprised at how much of your day you missed yourself, either because everything was a blur or you simply couldn't be everywhere at once on your big day.  

If you are considering a friend or relative to shoot your AZ wedding video, please realize that by working for you they will miss out on socializing, enjoying themselves, and the action and excitement of your big day.  If your event is important enough to hire a professional to take pictures even though almost everyone owns a camera, then the same holds true for videography.  

Wedding videography is quite often last in the list before your big day comes and first on the wish list afterwards, when it's too late to go back and capture those special memories.  Please consider allowing us to help you with one of the most important days in your life, and provide you with the way to preserve the memories forever in a special way.

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